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Our Vision
Since day one, Travel Expert has set the goal of becoming a leading independent-travel service enterprise. Based in Hong Kong, it is committed to providing Hong Kong people with professional services and with professional spirit, a spirit that it intends to promote to its peers around the world and in turn build a reputation for professionalism in the international travel industry. We know it is only by serving customers with professionalism that we are able to gain their true support and long-term confidence.

Our Mission
“Exceeding Customer Expectation Sets Us Apart” is the mission embraced by our management and staff. It is the guiding pole for our staff in exerting their best to bring happy surprises in terms of products and services to customers. To make sure all employees deliver on the mission, the Group offers them training and a favourable working environment that can bring out their full potential, empower them to achieve the best result and give them the most satisfaction.

“Customers” to the Group include also employees and suppliers. The management believes having strong relations with all parties in the service chain is critical to delivering quality customer service. By creating an optimum business environment in which everybody benefits, the Group makes sure everybody wins.







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