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1 Day JR West Kansai Pass (Physical Ticket)
1 Day JR West Kansai Pass (Physical Ticket)
Product Details


關西地區鐵路周遊券是遊覽關西地區的必備之物! 領取周遊券后, 乘關西機場快車, 約1小時的車程便能到達熱鬧的大阪。想要順道探索古樸的京都? 從大阪出發只需10分鐘。還有奈良的鹿仔和神戶和牛等待著您! 使用周遊券, 快速穿梭各個關西城市吧!

關西地區: 大阪,京都,神戶,奈良,姬路,和歌山,滋賀,郭賀,伊賀上野都適用於此產品

確認詳情 :

  • 在預訂成功后的24小時內, 確認通知書將發送至您的電子郵箱
  • 如在註明的時限內還沒收到郵件,或須查看垃圾郵件箱


  • 關西機場特快HARUKA號的普通車廂非指定座席(普通車自由席)
  • JR西日本在來線的新快車(新快速)、快車(快速)、當地列車(普通列車)
  • 區域內的西日本JR巴士
  • 詳細路線及網站請點擊查看


  • 新幹線、市營地鐵、巴士、私鐵及嵐山嵯峨野小火車的乘坐
  • 關西機場特快HARUKA號的指定座
  • 關西機場特快HARUKA號以外的特快列車(特急列車)快速列車(急行列車)


  • 親身攜同列印出的確認通知書及身份證明文件,於領取期限前到達所選分行兌換JR Pass 兌換券


購買資格 :

  • 持有日本以外的護照
  • 具有符合日本出入境管理法允許「短期居留」的旅客


退改須知 :

  • 日本火車證/周遊劵如未經開通及使用, 必須在購買日起計算2個月內方可辦理退款手續
  • 退款將扣除銷售價10%的費用,另需收取HK$100服務費
  • 若兌換券失竊、遺失、損毀或已兌換成實體票並部分使用,恕不受理退款或補發
  • 不受理因當地列車延遲、中止運行及其他理由所提出的使用期間延展或退費要求,以及無法負擔因此而造成行程延誤產生之住宿費,用餐費,交通費等費用,敬請見諒

注意事項 :

  • 大人為12歲以上;兒童為6-11歲
  • 持有周遊券的大人最多可免費攜帶2位幼童(1-5歲)一起使用,第三位幼童需要購置兒童周遊券
  • 小於一歲的嬰兒可免費乘搭
  • 當幼童單獨使用普通車廂指定席或幼童獨自旅遊時,每位幼童必需購買兒童周遊券
  • 周遊券只限於本人使用
  • 使用周遊券時請攜帶護照,當JR的車站人員要求查驗時請出示
  • 購買後無法變更周遊券開始利用日期及使用期
Activity Information


  • Foreign visitors in Japan
  • "Temporary Visitor" status

Cancellation Policy:

  • For cancellations:  Unredeemed Exchange Order vouchers can be refunded within 11 months of being issued, but a cancelation fee of 10% with HK$100 of the pass price will be deducted from the refunded amount. No need to return the physical exchange order (MCO)
  • Stolen, damaged, lost, or redeemed vouchers may not be canceled or refunded
  • Refunds or requests for changes due to local schedule change, suspended services, or other related issues are not accepted
  • Please kindly understand that there will be no compensation of accommodation, meals, transportation or other expenses incurred due to these circumstances
  • Travel Expert Online Limited reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

Additional Information:

  • Child ticket: aged 6-11
  • 2 children (aged 1-5) may travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult rail pass holder given that they do not occupy a seat, but a third child will require a child rail pass
  • Children under 12 months old may travel free of charge
  • This rail pass is applicable only for foreign visitors in Japan with a "Temporary Visitor" status
  • When you enter Japan, if you use an automated gate, no stamp will be applied to your passport. Either use a manned automated gate or ask a clerk to apply the stamp to your passport

1 Day JR West Kansai Pass (Physical Ticket)

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