Travel Expert Limited (“Travel Expert”)

Travel Expert was founded in 1986 in Hong Kong. Over 30 years of travel industry experience, it had developed from its humble beginning as a small family business focusing on selling airline tickets and providing hotel reservation services into an individual travel package specialist enterprise. Being one of the most extensive travel agents in Hong Kong, the company embraces over 60 outlets offering diversified travel products at easily accessible locations. Travel Expert had grown together with Hong Kong people through good and bad times like the latest global economic turmoil, the Asia financial crisis, the SARS outbreak and the Swine Flu. Sharing the same diligence and perseverance of Hong Kong people, Travel Expert will be able to weather any storms and continue to grow with Hong Kong and its people.

Insight and seize business opportunities
Twenty years ago, when Hong Kong people were still rather conservative about traveling abroad, Travel Expert already spotted the potential in the travel industry. It started arranging tickets and hotel reservation services to independent travelers, laying the foundation for its business to evolve into the proven mode it is in today. Steadfast in following its goal of becoming an individual travel service expert, the group serves customers who have high demand on the quality of their travel experience and want to make their own decisions about their tours. In the words of Chief Executive Officer Mrs Ko, independent travel is attractive because it gives one freedom to choose one’s flights, accommodations, transports, sights to see and expenses without having to pay tips, making it suitable for different people with different preferences and budgets.

Edges and advantages
Apart from a favourable business environment, Travel Expert has also invested considerable resources in its IT system to ensure that it can efficiently provide customers with the fastest and most accurate travel information. Its management team has formidable product development and logistics experience and enjoys optimum relations with suppliers, which explains the Group’s ability to satisfy all the different needs of travelers. Additionally, it is committed to improving the service aptitudes and quality of its travel consultants through providing them with relevant training continually. These programmes also encourage and equip travel consultants to take the initiative in giving customers advices and present to them the rich arrays of products of the group including themed tours, value-added packages, self-drive tours, and eco-friendly trips. The company aims to make sure each and every one of their valued customers will have the most relaxing and enjoyable holidays.

Travel Expert made an important milestone in 2003. It added 10 outlets to its strong sales network, bringing the total number of outlets to more than 20. With a sales network spanning Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories, it is capable of offering customers with convenient and quick services, which agree with service commitment of “We do the best in delivering the most comprehensive services to you” (“更全面旅遊服務, 我哋為您做得到!”).

Rapid business development and growth
Hong Kong people have become more affluent and open to new knowledge, and apt on using different languages since the 1990s. These phenomena plus the popularity of the Internet and surfacing of travel publications have changed the travel mode of Hong Kong people to increasingly enthusiastic in going on independent tours and enjoying real travel freedom. This favours the Group and has bolstered the rapid growth of Travel Expert.

“Professionalism” - the Key to success of Travel Expert
Travel Expert Chairman Mr. Ko believes serving customers with “Professionalism” is the only way to win their support and trust. Dedication to providing professional services is also the philosophy underscoring the Group’s operations over the years. He said, “Professionalism should not be an empty claim. We make sure our staff are trained the professional skills and service attitude required to provide the best services and gain the recognition of customers and industry peers. Excellent quality services are the cornerstone essential to support development of our business.”